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RE: ZDnet "Poll" and MSmail interception

  From: 	Glenn T. Livezey[SMTP:glivezey@netserv.unmc.edu]
  >Why does your "poll" concerning the Microsoft/DOJ case 
  >return a frozen result, namely 
  >"Microsoft has laid out its defense. You are judge and jury.
  >              Microsoft is:
  >                     Guilty: 1201 (48%)
  >                 Not guilty: 1320 (52%)"
  >This has been the same "response" for some time and I personally know of
  >at least 10 individuals who have reported the same answer in response to
  I just tried it and got, guess what? Guilty - 1201, Not - 1320
  It's like the usual software disclaimer: This page is for disinformational, entertainment 
  purposes only. Any resemblance to reality is purely coincendental.
  "A witty saying proves nothing!" - Voltair