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RE: ZDnet "Poll" and MSmail interception

  Glenn, Please remain calm. Things do go bump out here. I looked briefly at the headers on your return/undelivered message and it looks straightforward enough considering that the sender was you and this fact does not change when am-info forwards your thoughts to the list. If Johnson is on the list and the list tried to send your post to him and failed, the receiving mail daemons (looks like UNIX to X400 gateway to MS Exchange... whew) probably, all or some, alerted both you and the am-listserv of the failure.
  Hope this helps.
  However, the poll is another serious matter... 
  -P.A. Petricone
  From: 	Glenn T. Livezey[SMTP:glivezey@netserv.unmc.edu]
  Sent: 	December 02, 1997 2:03 PM
  To: 	Multiple recipients of list
  Subject: 	Fwd: ZDnet "Poll" and MSmail interception
  I have sent the following to ZDnet (2nd try) to request an explanation for 
  their misrepresentation of a static "result" as the current "vote" tally.
  ----------------------------------to the editor-------------------------------------------------------
  I have previously tried sending a comment to ZDnet but with no response.
  If you can't answer my question, please tell me who can. The question
  Why does your "poll" concerning the Microsoft/DOJ case 
  return a frozen result, namely 
  "Microsoft has laid out its defense. You are judge and jury.
                Microsoft is:
                       Guilty: 1201 (48%)
                   Not guilty: 1320 (52%)"
  This has been the same "response" for some time and I personally know of
  at least 10 individuals who have reported the same answer in response to
  attempts to "vote". There are many of us that would like an explanation.
  And if you can't supply that, then please remove this blatant 
  misrepresentation from your website.
  Thank you for your consideration of my request.
  Glenn T. Livezey, Ph.D.
  I have also been informed by another list member that I am not the
  only one to get a misleading "mail failure" error message citing
  Johnson, Stan L. in conjunction with an attempt to post to am-info.
  How many others have received a similar message (assuming this
  post gets through) from MSMAIL regarding undelivered mail?
  Can the operator@essential.org shed any light on this subject?
  Glenn T. Livezey, Ph.D.
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  Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine
  Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology
  University of Nebraska Medical Center
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  Omaha, NE 68198-3255
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