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Re:MS in bed with Gov't? Gasp!

  Rush Limbo? A nom de poison plume if I ever saw one.
  Or perhaps an embedded editorial comment? 
  I know I supplied the reference to the ZDnet "poll",  but
  I really meant to point out the error, not fan the conspiracy
  flames. A federal bribe (and pocket change at that) to M$
  to motivate them to subsidize one of their markets, to avoid
  the appearance of a monopoly by saving Apple/Mac? I 
  think only longterm oxygen deprivation would cause even
  an X-files scriptwriter to reach that far (and hold the ripe 
  tomatoes - I like and watch the x-files - but it is entertainment
  after all, especially lately). 
  This is fun stuff, but like the ZDnet poll snafu, its likely to add
  more heat than light to this discussion of M$ business practices.
  I'll let you know when I spot the men in black with little "e"
  emblems on their hats.
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