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Re:Supply and Demand

  Robert Mark Waugh wrote:
  >Well, what about the thing that kicked off all the anti-trust stuff to begin
  >with?  The fact that you can buy NT Workstation and a Netscape Enterprise
  >server, and pay less than buying NT Advanced Server made Microsoft put in a
  >limit in the NT Workstation kernel that only allowed X number of incoming
  >TCP/IP connections.  Well, after being threatened with lawsuits, Microsoft
  >took out this restriction in the kernel... but left it in the licensing
  >This in effect has hamstrung Netscape's ability to market it's webserver on
  >the NT platform.  This aspect is hardly understood by the general public, so
  >it is currently being ignored by the DOJ and the press.
  You have described it well enough so that anyone could understand.
  So who do you need to CC: to put it squarely in front of their face(s) where they
  can't ignore it anymore. It seems as though this should be an integral part of the
  DOJ's current effort, not an add on or for future reference investigation.
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