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Re: Real Audio files on web site.

  In message <347EE749.C1AE5F2D@ibm.net>, Paul Giovacchini is rumored to have sai
  :Yes, and its not a problem with the RA player... I am/was running RP Plus 4.0
  :and 5.0 and they both experience the same problem.
  Looks like its the files or the server then.  And 5 minutes in is when
  those speeches get interesting.  :(
  :Christopher Blizzard wrote:
  :> Has anyone else had problems listening to the real audio files on the
  :> appraising-microsoft.org site?  For a couple of the presentations using
  :> both the RealPlayer 5.0b2 for Linux and the 5.0 final release for '95 the
  :> files will play until about the 6th minute.  It then sounds like someone
  :> hit the fast-forward button.  Does anyone else have this problem?
  Christopher Blizzard
  AppliedTheory Communications, Inc.