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More About James Gleick

  In an earlier posting, Kris Shapar pointed out that an
  article by James Gleick about Microsoft is on the net,
  and you can find it with the NY Times search engine at
  I was looking for the Gleick article that Kris referred to, and
  ran across this gem of a quote in another article by him:
        Before he installed Windows 95, John Dodge
        connected to the Internet using software from a
        Microsoft competitor, CompuServe's Internet in a
        Box. Not anymore -- Windows 95 silently disabled a key
        piece of his setup and made it too difficult for him to
        reinstall it.
  The same article points out that House Republicans cut
  funding for the DOJ Antitrust Division, which partly accounts
  for the "weakness" Charles Mueller and others see in the
  The complete article is at:
  Tod Landis