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Re: Is Bill Gates a Cracker?

  To: mj@creative net
  None of the "arguements" in defense of the Registration Wizard are valid. This was just 
  another "undocumented feature" from M$ in the same vein as the "service" 
  telemarketing provides by using your phone to enter your house to separate you from 
  your money. But it goes one step further, as though when you hung up on the 
  telemarketer, your phone would dial out to the same company and provide detailed 
  info on your spending habits that they could use to "focus" their next sales assault or 
  sell to others. No matter how you slice it, you've been violated and without your 
  knowledge, let alone your consent. 
  Come to think of it. Perhaps that why M$ software is riddled with security leaks. Perhaps 
  Bill is no better a Cracker than he is a coder. But he's maximizing the portals of 
  opportunity to collect future marketing data by including garagedoor size "backdoors" 
  in his installed base. And then there's the Military "market".................
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