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Interesting Article on Microsfot in New Republic (fwd)

  This was sent me from another listserv:
  THE NEW REPUBLIC published an interesting, albeit short article on the 
  current validity of the Department of Justice's case against Microsoft. 
  "Breaking Windows: Microsoft's market manipulations" by Ian Ayres, 
  Townsend Professor of Law at Yale, reads as very fair reporting that 
  claims, in the end, that MS is indeed breaking the antitrust laws. 
  Interestingly, Ayres suggests that perhaps Internet Explorer should be 
  allowed to be intergrated into the desktop, but then so should Netscape. 
  Cynics out there know of many reasons why this wouldn't work, but it's 
  exciting to see the mainstream begin to actually take a serious look at 
  MS and it's failings, rather than just the "Mac zealots."
  Unfortunately, the article isn't on the web (well, i haven't looked for 
  it, but I doubt it is), but it is in the November 17, 1997 issue of THE 
  NEW REPUBLIC, pgs. 18-19 (Bright red cover).