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Re: Solaris competitive price

  In reply to Christopher Pall's message sent 11/21/97 10:33 AM:
  >Apple? More satisfied? I've said it before, Apple customers are among the
  >most satisfied customers in the computer industry.
  According to a recent issue of Consumer Reports, _the_ most satisfied. Of 
  course, some people do tend to confuse consumer satisfaction with stock 
  price (or market share), and will insist on giving themselves a daily 
  dose of grief just to prove it.
  But this raises another interesting question: why did it take those 
  brilliant programmers at Microsoft 11 years to come up with a poorly 
  designed, bug-ridden facsimile of the Mac GUI? Honestly, this sort of 
  sub-par performance is something you'd have expected from all those 
  miserable, tortured souls at Apple.
     Mitch Stone
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                               --- Lewis Carroll
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