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Re:"Growing a Corporation"

  >Date: Fri, 21 Nov 97 11:38:00 
  >From: "Glenn T. Livezey" <glivezey@netserv.unmc.edu>
  >To: "am-info@essential.org" <am-info@essential.org>
  >Subject: Re:"Growing a Corporation"
  >Message-ID: <199711211726.LAA03852@netserv.unmc.edu>
  >. . . . .I would suggest that all corporations are more like animals than
  plants in 
  >their "growth" (requiring massive quantities of resources to construct and
  maintain their complex form, and producing copious quantities of waste).
  And some are more obviously predatory 
  >carnivores......this is the behavior we are attempting to discuss. There
  are those among us who see it as a question of the acceptance of the law(s)
  of the jungle (Libertarians, Capitalists, proponents of 
  >Natural Law,  etc), and those who insist on compliance with the manmade
  laws and ethics of society (now known as MSbashers, liberal socialists,
  communists, hysterics and those in need of 
  >psychiatrists).  Think the lion will lie down with the lamb sometime soon?
  Since we have heard far more about how the law should be ignored or
  abolished, as opposed to how the law fits the corporate 
  >behavior in question, I suggest that we all count our lambs again after
  the lion gets up.
  >Glenn T. Livezey, Ph.D.
  I submit: There are no Lambs. Any Lambs were slaughtered long ago. The
  "Pride" has reverted to cannibalism in their "struggle" to survive.
  The problem here is not Micro$oft, or $un, or communists, or capitalists,
  or even psychiatrists. The problem is the Mega-Corporation, and how it does
  it's business.
  I believe that until the whole philosophy of business changes, we (as
  Consumers) will have these greed-dominated problems of monopoly to deal
  with. And no, I have no earthly idea for remedying the situation, with
  laws, or any other way.
  Just my humble opinion,
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