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Solaris competitive price

  >> has been alleviated - support for PowerPC and MIPS has been
  >> dropped, leaving the world safe for IRIX and PowerMacs to
  >> survive on their own merits. So NT/Mips and NT/PowerPC
  >> should definitely be on the list.
  >I wonder why M$ didn't spend in fact much energy to impose NT on
  >workstations? Was it only for anti-trust reasons? Or did they realize NT
  >was not stable enough ? Or was it because workstations-users are more
  Haha. It's an amazing 'double standard' that makes some of sure
  this is a forum of conspiracy theorists/kangaroo courtiers. When MS
  product sells, it's because they are clever market manipulators.
  When an MS product fails, it's because they are clever market
  While on high end workstations, and to furthur demonstrate the
  availability of choices, the Nov. 15 edition of "Network Computing"
  has rave reviews of Solaris 2.6, or Solaris Server for Intranets
  which pits itself against NT and Novell Intranetware.
  Now, everytime I look at the newest Win98/NT5 there's this
  satellite dish for 'push' technology, or channels, which makes
  me say, 'There's another idea they stole, this time from from
  Marimba'. However, why is it that the founder of Marimba,
  Kim Polese, and three other key members of the Sun Java team
  had to leave Sun? The question is: what is wrong w/ Sun that
  highly talented and innovative employees have to leave the
  company to realize their vision? While it is often common to
  hear of people leaving companies to start their own, why do
  we never hear that a group has left MS to start up a company?
  In fact just the opposite occurs, MS attracts talent away
  from other firms (no doubt you'll say due to illegal/immoral
  means). Could it be the MS knows how to nurture and encourage
  talent, provides a good work environment for people to
  develop and grow, maybe has a winning 'formula' which makes
  others jealous?
  Perhaps instead of finding ways to harm and inflict damage on MS
  we should look for how to bolster and help Sun, Apple, etc to
  compete and realize their full potential, develop products
  more effeciently and have happier employees.
  referances: http://www.marimba.com/company/