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Mother Jones package

  As I've mentioned before on this list, Mother Jones is putting the
  finishing touches on its Microsoft package to be featured in the Jan/Feb
  issue of the magazine.  We are in the middle of fact-checking a certain
  section and are looking for evidence that in Gates' first version of The
  Road Ahead, he does not mention the Internet, but then rewrote the book to
  include it.
  If anyone has copies of both books and can fax in pages that would prove
  this case, it would be much appreciated.  Perhaps pages from the index or a
  table of contents would do the trick.  Please fax them to Patti Wolter,
  415-665-6696.  Thanks.
  Also, I am still looking for info about MS for my story.  If anyone has
  more details about how MS strongarms companies into using its products,
  please send me a private message.  I am particularly looking for anecdotes
  similar to the KPMG one that was posted earlier this week.  I have visited
  that website, which has proved quite helpful, but I need to speak with
  folks who are not anonymous.
  Thanks very much,
  Rachel Burstein
  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  Rachel Burstein
  Investigative Reporter
  Mother Jones magazine
  529 14th Street  NW, Suite 1171
  (202) 783-9405 (phone)
  (202) 783-9407 (fax)