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Re: Solaris competitive price

  > >> has been alleviated - support for PowerPC and MIPS has been
  > >> dropped, leaving the world safe for IRIX and PowerMacs to
  > >> survive on their own merits. So NT/Mips and NT/PowerPC
  > >> should definitely be on the list.
  > >
  > >I wonder why M$ didn't spend in fact much energy to impose NT on
  > >workstations? Was it only for anti-trust reasons? Or did they realize NT
  > >was not stable enough ? Or was it because workstations-users are more
  > Haha. It's an amazing 'double standard' that makes some of sure
  > this is a forum of conspiracy theorists/kangaroo courtiers. When MS
  > product sells, it's because they are clever market manipulators.
  > When an MS product fails, it's because they are clever market
  > manipulators.
  No no no. MS didn't fail because of that. I sent this to just one person by
  accident. Here's the scoop for you.
  Oh that's easy - Seeing the mistakes of the past, HP, Sun, and other large
  manufacturers weren't going to repeat the mistakes of IBM, Compaq and others
  by selling out for cheap for an operating system. After all they don't need
  one, they already have one. I don't know how many vendors did sell out, but
  they certainly didn't get the lion's share of OEM vendors like they did with
  If it is of any interest to any of you out there, Chrysler uses Netscape as
  their desktop to start all their applications on the Workstation side. When I
  saw this, I had a first hand experience with the true meaning of common
  desktop. To celebrate this blessed revelation I changed the line in WIN.INI
  "shell=explorer" to "shell=netscape" (well the path was different but you get
  the idea) It was kinda fun, but obviously less utillitarian. NS doesn't sort
  files and you lose alot of your file associations (which is a bummer). If NS
  would improve the support for files, I would switch that line again.
  > While on high end workstations, and to furthur demonstrate the
  > availability of choices, the Nov. 15 edition of "Network Computing"
  > has rave reviews of Solaris 2.6, or Solaris Server for Intranets
  > which pits itself against NT and Novell Intranetware.
  > Now, everytime I look at the newest Win98/NT5 there's this
  > satellite dish for 'push' technology, or channels, which makes
  > me say, 'There's another idea they stole, this time from from
  > Marimba'. However, why is it that the founder of Marimba,
  > Kim Polese, and three other key members of the Sun Java team
  > had to leave Sun? The question is: what is wrong w/ Sun that
  > highly talented and innovative employees have to leave the
  > company to realize their vision? While it is often common to
  Let's examine your question. I'm an employee, I've got a $1M dollar idea. How
  hard are you going to pitch you idea to your management so that they can make
  all the $$$? Last time I checked, this was part of the American Dream, to be
  independent of your last boss. Nobody HAD to leave, they WERE thrilled to go!
  And as for all that talent going to Microsoft. HA! Look what it's done for
  them. MS is the blackhole of innovation. Just because MS has the software, it
  doesn't mean that they came up with the idea.
  > hear of people leaving companies to start their own, why do
  > we never hear that a group has left MS to start up a company?
  > In fact just the opposite occurs, MS attracts talent away
  > from other firms (no doubt you'll say due to illegal/immoral
  > means). Could it be the MS knows how to nurture and encourage
  > talent, provides a good work environment for people to
  > develop and grow, maybe has a winning 'formula' which makes
  > others jealous?
  More and more MS jobs are being moved overseas from what I hear. This is
  beside the point. This has nothing to do with their company being a monopoly.
  Just because MS employees can go home to an empty house (I hope) at 9:00pm
  after working a 14 hour day (They love their work!)
  I would love to see an un-biased extensive report on their companies work
  habits. (I'm sure there's one already out there)
  > Perhaps instead of finding ways to harm and inflict damage on MS
  > we should look for how to bolster and help Sun, Apple, etc to
  > compete and realize their full potential, develop products
  > more effeciently and have happier employees.
  Apple? More satisfied? I've said it before, Apple customers are among the
  most satisfied customers in the computer industry. As far as the rest, I've
  already said it once, this is not a level market, perhaps that's why their
  employees can't be happy.
                Christopher Pall
  Delphi Programmer & Western Michigan Student (CS)
                Kalamazoo MI USA