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Re: Tell me if I'm crazy.

  Well, I couldn't get that problem to duplicate but I have rebooted since.
  Anyway, just wondering because it did occur three times before that.
  What I do want to say is check-out (if you don't crash)
  and then checkout the actual speech
  Note the differences between the two pages. One describes the Bill Gates
  speech as being a discussion of the future of computers.
  He trivializes the legal action against his company in a using a "top ten"
  list. Note what an interesting contradiction he makes when he talks about
  how his automated house "usually works" (I.E. his software usually works)
  and yet when he was using internet technologies from his same company it
  seems to work just fine.
  There is a lengthy discussion about the innovations in computers when
  compared to say... the cereal industry. This is a fascinating comparison.
  Perhaps Bill uses the comparison to figure out how he should market his
  software. At the very tippy top surface, they are very different. In the PC
  world, there are plenty of innovations. In the cereal world, there are no
  innovations and the price goes up. This must mean that the PC world is doing
  something right. Well here's what BG uses the cereal model of sales for...
  Market Market Market your product as often as possible to the weakest minds
  you can find, and make the product as sweet and palatable as possible, don't
  pay any attention to content, your "users" won't either. (which is true!)
  What's funny is how his speech ties into his DOJ argument of "Innovations
  must be allowed to continue!" When all of the examples that he give are for
  hardware. I think he was hoping that his theme of "wow! computers are so
  innovative! Aren't we too?!?!"
  I haven't finished reading the whole thing, I had to puke first. (Literally!
  I've fallen ill recently - but this didn't help)
                Christopher Pall
  Delphi Programmer & Western Michigan Student (CS)
                Kalamazoo MI USA