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Re: Master Disks?

  Hi Heather!
  I saw your question in the AM group, and thought an answer was in order.
  Golden Masters, or Golden Disks, have two connotations in software
  circles: one is the final frozen release of GA (General Availability)
  software from which commercial disks are manufactured and then sent to
  resellers; the second pertains to the arrangement a software developer
  makes with a large corporate customer for unlimited usage for a set fee,
  usually above and beyond the cheapest available legal price on the
  market for a given product. M$ for example, does many Site or Golden
  Master deals (althought they are proposing to renig on these
  arrangements and charge a per-seat cost to larger users), usually with
  Office or Project or other productivity apps. Norton, MacAfee, and
  others in the anti-virus and utility markets make the majority of their
  revenue on these arrangements with the likes of Boeing, Sears, and other
  large IS organizations....
  Hope that clarifies things a bit, and I'm sure their are others with
  additional information...
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