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Master Disks?

  >> My understanding is
  >> that the costly part (development) culminates in a "master" disk of some
  >> sort.
  >No offense, but you should rather not use that kind of language in
  >this technical debate. Software is an intangible product, which
  >renders it extremely difficult to discuss it within old frameworks.
  >Talking about a "master disk" as the ultimate product of a software
  >company's labours just reveals a desire to have something tangible to
  >refer to. There is no tangible, physical end-product to point to.
  I've heard the people at Apple Computer refer to a product "going Golden
  Master"..implying that it was ready to ship..and as if the company was
  using some kind of master CD to produce the CD's which are shipped to
  As in... "MacOS 8.1 went Golden Master last Friday"
  Maybe you could explain what they're talking about.Is this just a figure of