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Novell vs. Microsoft courtcase

  Some time ago Novell filed suit against Microsoft. Does anybody know
  what became of this case?
  The case resolved around behaviour of Windows95 which sabotages
  larger campus-sized NetWare networks: if "File sharing for NetWare
  networks" is enabled, a Win95 workstation falsely advertised itself
  as a file server closer than any other NetWare server in the network.
  The effect is that network traffic is redirected to the Win95
  workstation instead of going to the intended servers, which leads to
  slowdowns in network traffic etc. 
  hMicrosoft documents indicate that this behaviour was deliberately
  coded, and is not a software bug on their part (they give spurious
  reasons why this is a neccesary "feature"). (Roundabout the same time
  they advertised NT as a superior solution to NetWare because of its
  better performance on campus-sized WAN's...)
  Has the case ever been filed, has it been settled, or is it still in
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