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Re: The term "operating system"

  On Sat, 15 Nov 1997, cswiger wrote:
  > No prob! Striping? Do it!  Multi Segment volumes? Go for it!
  > Install a printer? click, drag, drop - drivers sent over the LAN, boom,
  > you got it!)
  Yes, well, instead of clicking 3000 times to grant each of 3000 users
  the same additional rights, I'd much prefer a less clickety-click UI
  which allowed me to grant those rights once to an Organistional Unit.
  But the issue is not which is better: NT or NetWare. I prefer one,
  for my reasons, and you the other for yours. And there should be
  choice. The issue is: why isn't there a 3rd and 4th viable option
  *beyond* NT and NetWare?
  Having some competitors fall by the wayside due to inferior products
  is fine. But if you suddenly blink and open your eyes and see only
  one or two alternatives to choose from, with the second alternative
  seemingly about to fall away yielding an MS only world, you should be
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