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The term "operating system"

  Randy Thornton <thor@sprynet.com> writes:
  >I can summarize some details from the article for you:
  >More interestingly, the Bluecurve testing software is designed to
  >specifically simulate capacity tests on NT. It is really a scenario
  >deployment tool for NT and SQL server.
  While I'll admit it was a biased comparison, the main point I'm
  responding to is that the characterisation of a nice, good NOS
  losing market share to a piece of crap due to predatory and 
  illegal marketing that must be stopped isn't entirely true!
  I've installed and used both, and must say Netware 'feels' rock
  solid, can develope confidence in - of course we can talk about
  THEIR proprietary protocol, problems scaling to WAN w/ the SAP,
  and who wants an NOS eating up bandwidth checking for duplicate
  serial numbers out there?
  NT is largely an inexact, plug and pray, fumble in the dark, nail
  biting experience - BUT, it's very 'feature rich', they've put all
  kinds of 'creature comforts' in there, perfmon is a dream, the
  disk admin and printing support is very robust (you want mirrored
  disks? click-click boom, you got it. Mirror an IDE and a SCSI?
  No prob! Striping? Do it!  Multi Segment volumes? Go for it!
  Install a printer? click, drag, drop - drivers sent over the LAN, boom,
  you got it!)
  But I'm rambling...