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Re: FW: The term "operating system"

  On Fri, 14 Nov 1997, Randy Thornton wrote:
  > 1) Oranges & old Oranges
  > They compared NT 4.0 SP3 versus NetWare 4.1. Well, NetWare 4.1
  > is TWO versions old
  Netware 4.1 is in the same generation as NT 3 / NT 3.5, I think.
  > 3) Test clients
  > Six clients (hardware unspecified) running NT workstation 4.0. 
  > For the NetWare test, they use the Microsoft Client Service for NetWare
  > with Microsoft's SPXLink (ie Microsoft implementatin of IPX/SPX).
  This is a really skewed test. The Microsft Client for NetWare is a
  really inferior implementation, performance wise; naturally the
  NetWare server would seem slower. (It's even possible that the
  Microsoft Client for NetWare was specifically written to have barely
  acceptible performance and make the server seem slow.)
  NetWare's own client software for NT ships with their server CDROM,
  and the NetWare installation manuals even mention installing these as
  part of the process of rolling out a NetWare network. So a more
  plausible test scenario would have been to install the NetWare client
  onto the workstation when doing the benchmark.
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