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The term "operating system"

  Pieter Nagel <pieter.nagel@epiuse.co.za> writes:
  >one or two alternatives to choose from, with the second alternative
  >seemingly about to fall away yielding an MS only world, you should be
  I agree. Always thought it was great to have a Ford & GM, 
  a Time and a Newsweek, a Coke and a Pepsi, you know.
  That fierce competition drives the quality to a near
  equal, irresolute, 'head' contest between two contenders,
  means that one's just about as good (or bad) as the other.
  Both a Ford AND a GM basically do what they're supposed to,
  with neither one a clear cut 'winner' over the other such
  that one attains a monopoly and the other disappears.
  There's this sort of 'root for the underdog' effect that
  forms an equilibrium, a balance of power.