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Re Brave New World

  >This is a somewhat arbitrary line you are drawing.  Why include Apple?
  >If you are making a point about "pioneer", I would argue that only Xerox
  >was the pioneer of the GUI.  If you are talking about "inovation", then
  >you have to include anyone who has added or tweaked the GUI, which
  >includes a lot of companies, including Apple and Microsoft.
  Boy do the MS supporters remind me of a scene from North Dallas 40, where
  one of the players is yelling at a coach saying the problem is that
  whenever the players call it a game the coaches call it a business and when
  the players say its a business the coaches say its a game. Whatever
  supports MS claims is what the interpretation should be. The general idea
  of the GUI may have come from Xerox but the first REAL implementation of it
  came from Apple. MS has tried AND FAILED to copy it ever since. Big
  difference between an implementation and a tweak and I would have to
  seriously argue with adding unless you're talking about support costs and
  user frustration...
  Joe B