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RE: Re Brave New World

  > The general idea
  > of the GUI may have come from Xerox but the first REAL implementation
  of it
  > came from Apple. MS has tried AND FAILED to copy it ever since. Big
  > difference between an implementation and a tweak and I would have to
  > seriously argue with adding unless you're talking about support costs
  > user frustration...
  > Joe B
  Once again, entirely arbitrary distinctions.  Just because you don't
  like Win95 or WinNT doesn't mean it is not an implementation of a GUI.
  Or the Xerox implementation for that matter.  It is no less "REAL".  I
  can't accept your arguement if it is based on your opinion, only if you
  can argue with facts.
  Gotta go now.  I'm one of those evil capitalists and I need to go and
  make some money with my Microsoft products and technologies.
  Dave Hamilton