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Re: Microsoft's future

  Bill Gates in deed does not run MS. He is head of the board of directors
  and CEO. The Chief Operating Officer is Robert Herbold, Formerly of Proctor
  and Gamble. Herbold came on board about 3 years ago and since then the
  company moral has steadily dwindled. Herbold made a speach at the 1996
  Company meeting where he describes business cost as a fire breathing beast
  that was eating up aprofits and encouraged everyone when considering
  spending money to ask "How much does that cost?" and "Why does it cost so
  On the technial side Gates is directed by Nathan Mhyrvold head of Advanced
  Technology Research and by Brad Silverberg head of Internet Products and
  Tools. Microsoft is a market driven company. When Netscape shoud them
  selves to be a player in teh software field and have overwhelming dominace
  in the browser market Microsoft licensed Mosaic and began to re-code it to
  their liking. Mosaic you will remember was written By Marc Andriesen and a
  team of now Netscape employees while he work for NCSA.
  Does BillG run Microsoft? No more than Bill Clinton runs the country. He
  does influence the decision making processes and I think he has some input
  on product development...he has to otherwise they would've never spent a
  ton of money on Bob--you do remember Bob don't you? ;-0
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  >	Does Bill G. *actually* run MS?
  >	How is it that a geeky kid (a type not known for business saavy or
  >people-skills) builds one of the largest corporations in history and
  >continues to sustain it? It all seems so unlikely.
  >	Could B.G. be receiving help behind the scenes?
  >B. Allen
  >Nepean (Ottawa) Canada.