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Re: arrogance toward customers

  ** Reply to note from kaner@kaner.com Thu, 13 Nov 1997 08:01:42 -0500 (EST)
  <major snip>
  > I have tremendous respect for IBM, as I do for Microsoft.
  I love OS/2.  I have very little respect for IBM -- all of my
  respect for IBM goes ONLY to the programmers who created and
  maintain OS/2.  As for Lotus, IBM cannot control Lotus -- that
  much is obvious.  IBM made a deal with Netscape to use
  Navigator, Lotus then made a deal with Microsoft to bundle
  Explorer!  Lotus has also been snubbing it's nose at OS/2 for a
  very long time.
  You are entirely right that Microsoft is not the only one to
  blame for the current state of affairs.  There are no innocent
  bystanders among the major players, and damn few among the
  minor players.  The point is that Microsoft not only has become
  a renegade in the computer industry, they have also branched
  out to cable, education, TV, movies, real estate, banking,
  insurance, governments, etc. -- and have taken their "destroy
  all competition at any cost" attitude with them.  They are a
  Team OS/2
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