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RE: Opinion of a psychiatrist

  >Uh, ok, I guess we can blame MS for making dangerous things available - but
  >the word 'beta' means  "you will experience problems", and really
  >shouldn't be used unless your prepared to completely reinstall and restore
  >your operating system. What beta's are for are 'previews' of whats in
  >of what's to come, and hasn't been finished yet (if software can EVER be
  >considered 'finished'). Netscape was a big practicioner of letting the public
  >in on beta software still in development. Of course, whether a bug is
  >or intentional is the eternal question, and I'm still waiting for
  >documented proof
  >of some sort, some 'whistle blower' from out of Redmond to produce an
  >internal memo or other actual evidence to confirm our conspiracy theories.
  yeah..me too!
  BTW..up until I downloaded the beta from MSFT, I never had any problems
  anything like(!) the one I had with IE..[I had been running Netscape betas
  with *no* problems at all at that time:Dec.'96 I think]
  upon installation, it moved a file called MacTCP/DNR from being loose in my
  system folder to being enclosed in a folder within my system folder. When
  that happened I couldn't connect to the internet.If that file isn't loose
  in your system folder [System 7.5.x] you *cannot* connect to the internet
  via modem..check it out.
  At that point I had less than 6 months experience with computers, and yet I
  was able to figure out what was wrong, by comparing my system folder which
  *did* have IE on it, with a system folder on a secondary drive that had not
  had IE installed. Now, I said to myself..if those programmers in Redmond
  are so smart, how could they have missed this?..I'm a graphic designer for
  God's sake..with NO  technical background in computers at all!!
  Give me a break!
  I agree with you however on running betas..Netscape went on to produce some
  really crummy betas and I hate Communicator..it's bloatware, just like
  Microsoft's rubbish.I use Netscape 3.01..