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Attention Consumer advocates!

  Attention consumer advocates!
  If you haven't read the information this gentleman mentions in his post,
  get on down and do it NOW!
  If you think we've got it bad now..wait and see what's being proposed to
  legally screw us even more. This stuff is a little rough going
  ..technically detailed in legalese and a bit "thick" [unless you're an
  attorney, in which case it's a great deal clearer than what you're used to
  reading..] but don't miss it..
  Pages were posted by Cem Kaner <kaner@kaner.com> on Nov.11,16:30(EST)
  >My site on software customer dissatisfaction is www.badsoftware.com.
  >The Appraising Microsoft paper is at www.badsoftware/nader.htm.
  >A paper summarizing data on software customer dissatisfaction is at
  >A section-by-section analysis of anti-customer effects of the Uniform
  >Commercial Code changes is at www.badsoftware.com/ali.htm.
  >An attempt at a thoughtful look at societal risk management strategies
  >involving liability for bad products is at www.badsoftware.com/theories.htm.
  I really liked Mr. Kaner's sig..no doubt there that he's an attorney!
  to refresh your memory:
  >Cem Kaner, J.D., Ph.D.                                 Attorney at Law
  >P.O. Box 1200           Santa Clara, CA 95052             408-244-7000
  >Author (with Falk &  Nguyen) of TESTING COMPUTER SOFTWARE (2nd Ed, VNR)
  >This e-mail communication should not be interpreted as legal advice
  >or a legal opinion.  The transmission of this e-mail communication
  >does not create an attorney-client relationship between me and you.
  >Do not act or rely upon law-related information in this communication
  >without seeking the advice of an attorney. Finally, nothing in this
  >message should be interpreted as a "digital signature" or "electronic
  >signature" that can create binding commercial transactions.
  I had some trouble accessing the site on my Navigator 3.01, but I kept
  trying and finally got and bookmarked it..
  Glad Mr. Kaner's on "our" side..even if I disagree with *some* of his
  opinions.[Microsoft is a "national treasure"..huh?]
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