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Re: Software Tax deductions

  At 02:03 AM 11/11/97 -0500, you wrote:
  >It doesn't surprise me that MS would want to, as Kramer puts it, ``get some of
  >that sweet action.'' It also just proves my point: MS isn't donating anything
  >out of altruism. They're trying to influence tomorrow's decision makers today.
  I'm in total agreement with this. I took a couple of classes at a local
  college last year, and was surrounded by Microsoft products. 
  It was a shame to spend so much of my lab time rebooting.
  I have also recently noticed that MS has begun pitching its wares to
  childeren on cereal boxes. Talk about sleezy practices. Manipulating
  the minds of childeren even by offering them discounts is a new low.
  Childeren have no resistance to marketing so if MS can impress the
  Microsoft philosophy on them now. It will be hard for the kids
  to make real comparisons in the future. This tactic is totally disgusting.