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MS to move into mission-critical areas with NT? Scary!

  Microsoft enters another vertical market with BackOffice:
  the energy and utilities industries. Microsoft will work
  with independent software developers that make applications
  for industries such as mining and oil refining.
  I grew up in one of the refining capitals of the world (Houston, TX, near the
  ship channel). I've worked in refineries for summer money. My dad is a
  chemical engineer who used to build refineries, manage shutdowns and
  turn-arounds, etc.
  This bit of news scares the living bejeesuz out of me.
  Can you imagine:
  Foreman: Bob, we really need to get that stack shutdown, one of my men could
  	 get hurt.
  Operator: Well, I'll do it as soon as I apply Service Pack 3 and reboot from
           this blue screen of death on the NT master server.
  Loudspeaker: Emergency! Emergency! Accidental release! Please seek shelter.
  	Kendall Clark