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  The Mercury News is reporting that Microsoft is making Scott
  McNEALY's argument that the existing consent decree is
  toothless and asking that the DoJ's new order be vacated. I
  hope we will get some report of the actual proceeding.
  I consider this MS response perfunctory. It does ask the
  Judge to fold and invite the DoJ to cave.
  But, I doubt that even the sort of Clintonites the right
  wing claims are wimps, when they are not calling them thugs,
  will just say "Never Mind..." and run back to doing whatever
  it is that they do. I cannot imagine a Federal Judge will
  settle for only 250 milliseconds of fame.
  The right wing despises this administration consistently
  enough but cannot keep from wildly over- and
  under-exaggerating it. I think that will prove true as well
  of Microsoft's cereal box lawyers, pin-stripped flacks, I
  reckon them to be, no Steve SUSMAN or Racehorse HAYNES in
  the lot.
  I am still betting on the old, gray nag  and PLAYON
  JRBehrman sends.