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RE: AM-INFO digest 28 "FREE"

  comparing free software with drugs is repulsive and offensive. Civilized
  people debating the proprietary of Microsoft's marketing techniques
  ought restrain their personal anger enough to be able to conduct civil
  dialogue. Those who can't should see a psychiatrist.
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  > The bait in a trap is "FREE" if you can avoid 
  > tripping the trigger. The first sample of drugs on the 
  > street are often "FREE". Microsoft, and its wholly or 
  > partially owned subsidiaries (other wise known as 
  > "business partners") often represent software as 
  > "FREE" when its license is built into the price of 
  > whatever bundled product the consumer is 
  > consciously buying. Where have you been hiding 
  > in this age of Marketing (the capital is intentional)? 
  > "FREE" is freely used in place of "not directly 
  > purchased". And there is nothing "egalitarian" 
  > about a tax break, especially when it is worth more 
  > than the "FREE" product could be sold for on the 
  > open market (ie retail as vs. "street price"). 
  > Egalitarian implies the lofty moral ground of equal 
  > rights. "FREE" often means you can have it if you 
  > meet the hidden, delayed or indirect costs of the 
  > offer. We may all be equal in the opportunity to 
  > accept a "FREE" offer, but we are obviously not 
  > equal in our understanding of the ultimate price.
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