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Re: Why hasn't anyone brought this up yet?

  ** Reply to note from ckelly@cpcug.org Mon, 10 Nov 1997 18:53:03 -0500 (EST)
  Of course you _can_ find _some_ choice out there.  If not, then
  not even you would be able to argue in favor of Microsoft.  The
  more important question is:  how difficult is it for Mr. & Mrs.
  Anybody to have a choice?  How difficult is it for them to even
  find out that they DO have a choice?  Those of us with some
  technical knowledge, some unsatisfied curiosity, and some
  willingness to try new things will always have some kind of
  choice.  It may come down to writing our own programs though,
  if we do not influence the industry now.
  > Anyone want to bet that I can't order a computer system on
  > line and get either "no operating system", or a choice of two
  > other operating systems from two different companies (MS is
  > one of them). 
  > I'll agree that most/many companies don't offer this option,
  > but I can prove that at least one major company does on some
  > systems. This information would seem to invalidate the
  > argument that this is absolutely impossible and that there is
  > NO choice--because this is true in at least one instance. 
  > This is a major company and you could go their web site today
  > and verify this fact. 
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