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Re: Why hasn't anyone brought this up yet?

  Charles Kelly, NT*Pro wrote:
  > Anyone want to bet that I can't order a computer system on line and get
  > either "no operating system", or a choice of two other operating systems
  > from two different companies (MS is one of them).
  > I'll agree that most/many companies don't offer this option, but I can
  > prove that at least one major company does on some systems. This
  > information would seem to invalidate the argument that this is absolutely
  > impossible and that there is NO choice--because this is true in at least
  > one instance.
  > This is a major company and you could go their web site today and verify
  > this fact.
  I'm sure that this company would like a little free publicity, so why
  not post the URL?  I know how to use search engines so even the name of
  the company would probably be sufficient.

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