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RE: Why hasn't anyone brought this up?

  Dana Newman wrote:>I have read just about all of this list for the last
  three weeks,
  >and haven't seen anyone bring this up yet.
  >Here's a for-instance:
  >Go to any Best-buy and tell'em you want to buy a Compaq Deskpro.
  >Tell the store manager you won't buy it unless the disk is "clean" and
  >want a discount because it doesn't have any software on it.
  >You get two answers:
  >1. They won't do it
  >2. They will tell you you can delete the software after you buy the
  >Call the Compaq corporation at any 1-800 number you can find,
  >and request the same thing you did from it's retailer(s)  (ie; 
  >just a machine, NOT the software).
  >Just like their distributors:
  >1. They won't do it.
  >2. They will tell you that "software is a value added feature,
  >not included as a cost of the machine".  This is to infer that
  >the Microsoft Windows 95 software they are forcing down your
  >throat IF you want to buy the Compaq MACHINE... doesn't cost
  >you anything.
  >I'm mad as hell... and I'm not gonna take it anymore.
  >As a consumer I do still have a choice.  That choice is
  >to not purchase the Compaq machine I wanted, but to 
  >purchase a machine I don't prefer from another vendor.
  Lots of luck finding something except Macintosh.  If you do, please let us
  know I can't find a non-MS computer advertised anywhere, or sold locally
  except for business/network machines.  There may be alternatives in UK or
  Claire Macdonald