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Re: I don't know, I think everyone's gone a bit far here...

  On Mon, 10 Nov 1997, Gordon Woodhull wrote:
  >Personally, I was hoping that there would be some reasoned discussion on
  >this list of 
  >1. Why Microsoft is so damn big.  Is it simply because this is a new
  >industry which has had no time to mature, or is it the conspiracy, or has
  >society approached the "information age" all wrong, or what?
  >2. How we hope to escape complete monopoly.  Yeah, Linux is a nice idea,
  >and with another decade of work it might have as intuitive a document
  >interface as OLE or OpenDoc, but that would probably destroy what is best
  >about it.  I think it really is best for techies and not everyone is going
  >to be a techie...  
  Do you know about KDE? Also, it seems to me that the intuitiveness or lack
  thereof of document interface is a mighty thin reed on which to evaluate the
  technical and social importance of an OS.
  Also, there is a free implementation of OpenDoc, called Irondoc, being
  developed for Linux actively. IBM is also releasing OpenDoc source now.
  Sure, Linux isn't for everyone, but it's not just for techies anymore either.
  And, for the record, criticizing anything, however vehemently, doesn't mean
  that you hate it. Hate is an emotion. Criticism is a form of rational inquiry.
  They're not the same thing.
  	Kendall Clark