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RE: $10,000 Reward

  	>Are you genetically or constitutionally or psychologically
  incapable of
  	>replacing the word 'basher' with the word 'critic'?
  	No, there are critics here and bashers.
  	>If you are simply uninterested in the non-legal aspects of a MS
  	>maybe you should just say so and be done with it. Then I, for
  one, >could
  	>simply ignore your posts as being irrelevant to my own
  	I'm not a lawyer, and it is not my job to defend Microsoft. They
  have more than enough resources to do it themselves. For example, Bill
  Gates himself gave a spirited defense in the Wall Street journal:
  .htm, even though it was ignored entirely (as far as I can tell) in
  posts to this forum. However, when I see people saying things that are
  clearly incorrect, I do believe that I should point them out.
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