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  In reply to Joseph P Banko's message sent 11/10/97 9:23 AM:
  >I also saw a post about some major analysis group like Gartner or
  >Peat-Marwick say something to the effect that MIS/IT directors who preached
  >NT/Windows were actually performing a "breach of fiduciary responsibility
  >to their companies and shareholders"...
  >Now where was that address....
  The study you refer to was produced by Gistics Inc. and called the "ROI 
  TechBrief." It was never published on the web, so far as I know, but 
  discussed by Macweek columnis Henry Knorr at:
  "To be specific: Mac-using creative professionals produce $26,441 more in 
  annual revenue and $14,488 more in net profit for their employers than 
  Windows users of comparable skill engaged in similar work. New Power Macs 
  pay for themselves in four and a half months, on average, compared with 
  about 13 months for Windows NT systems. And over three years, Power Macs 
  generate more than a sevenfold ROI; for NT, the return is barely double.
  "Gistics, a research and consulting company based in San Anselmo, Calif., 
  collected its data from 30,226 subjects at more than 10,000 companies via 
  "random mailings to creative-professional mailing lists, authoring-tool 
  customers and industry trade associations." In addition, researchers have 
  for three years collected detailed time sheets from 400 Mac and 400 
  Windows users in production environments.
  "The report finds that total cost of ownership for a Mac is 14 percent 
  lower than for a Windows system -- an average savings of $2,211 over 
  three years. But the authors emphasize that cost is only one side of the 
  ROI equation; the other is the investment's effect on productivity and 
  "On this point the Gistics data is both fascinating and compelling. The 
  company found, for example, that Mac-based companies in the industry earn 
  $12.22 more per hour of labor than companies that rely on Windows. 
  Mac-using professionals spent far more hours per week -- 19 vs. 13 -- in 
  actual, billable authoring time; Windows users spent more of their time 
  tied up in such activities as training, support, data communications and 
  file management.
  "The bottom line, according to Gistics: "Deployment of Windows technology 
  in professional production environments does not maximize profits. Under 
  many circumstances, prudent managers must come to view Windows deployment 
  as a breach of fiduciary responsibility."
  The 44-page ROI report will soon be available for $129; a four-page 
  summary will be free. Contact research@gistics.com."
      Mitch Stone
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