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1k Reward

  "David E. Y. Sarna" asks:
  >> Disney and Time Warner both today announced that they will be using IE-only
  >> features to communicate their content. That really sucks.
  >Why does it suck? Would you feel the same way if the same folks had
  >taken advantage of a Netscape-only feature? Would you be up in arms
  >about that? 
  What's your problem? Some people don't want to buy MS products.
  Isn't that OK. Should they be excluded from the future? Why
  do YOU, not MS, not anybody else, Why do --> YOU <-- want
  to see people forced to use MS products? I don't want to
  hear BS rationalizations. I want to know what has blinded you
  to your own behavior. You simply ignore what other people
  are saying. They would like alternatives to MS. These kinds
  of non interoperablity tricks provide little or value to consumers
  (I am also a consumer, an that's my informed opinion), yet they
  most ceratinly lock out competing platforms thereby needlesly
  preventing people from using the products/platforms they wish to.
  Please answer my primary question. Why do you want people
  NOT to have alternative to MS????
  Mark Hinds