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Re: AM-INFO digest 20

  On Sun, 9 Nov 1997 09:08:04 -0500 (EST), am-info@essential.org wrote:
  >(excerpt from letter by Charles Kelly to NT*Pro people)
  >> Millions of consumers have voted to purchase Microsoft 
  >> products--almost always when other products (and often dominant and    
  >> technically superior products) existed on the marketplace. 
  >This is the line that always gets me.  Please explain to
  >me why millions of consumers would buy a technically
  >INFERIOR product that does not have a significant
  >marketshare.  These millions of consumers obviously
  >cannot be 
  >" . . . like me (C.Kelly) who are  technically savvy and
  >really do understand both the issues and the economics."
  >Seems to me that these millions of consumers were lied
  >to, cajoled, intimidated and otherwise overwhelmed by
  >unfair practices into making the absolutely wrong
  >decision.  Wht would anyone buy a technically inferior
  >product for their COMPUTER!
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  The answer is that many if not most of those "millions" never knew that they
  "purchased" Microsoft products, because they were "bundled" with their
  new hardware purchases. This is the "free" gimmick that Microsoft used as the
  basis for its claims of market share. Once you repeat the big lie often enough,
  it becomes a selffulfilling prophecy. When enough people agree that MS is the
  frontrunner, more people tie their hopes for the future to the MS bandwagon.
  THEN, millions of people DO purchase MS products, in response to deceitful
  marketing practices and market manipulation. And most can't afford to just
  "scrap" their initial choices when they find out the true cost of the MS "Way". So
  if they are end users - they go on with "upgrades" in search of the solutions to their
  problems. If they are "purchasers" for their company, how likely is it they will own
  up to their initial mistake and then switch strategies to argue for an alternative to
  MS (if they can find one)? How likely is it they will be rewarded for their honesty
  by the company they work for?  
  Kind of reminds me of the neighborhood dope dealer "Hey man, the first one's 
  for FREE!". We'll talk price later, when you not only want it, you NEED it.
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