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RE: Refund for Bundled Win95

  The information you were given, unfortunately, was incorrect. Mistakes
  do happen. The salesman owes you an apology.
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  > On Sun, 9 Nov 1997, Mitch Stone wrote:
  > > And before you reply "but they no longer do this," I will ask the 
  > > rhetorical question "and why not?" and then ask the less rhetorical 
  > > question, "how is the IE4 tying requirement substantially different
  > in 
  > > character then the late  lamented CPU tax?" 
  > > 
  > > I can tell you: It's the same all-or-nothing package, wrapped with a
  > > different ribbon.
  > Actually, when I was getting progressively steamed over my (lack of) 
  > purchasing options last spring, at one point I peevishly offered to
  > pay an
  > extra $200 to get the notebook's hard drive mindwiped before taking
  > possession of it, and was flat-out told, "We can't take Windows off a
  > hard
  > drive because that would violate our agreement with Microsoft."  So
  > then I
  > asked why didn't they simply sell me an unformatted drive with the
  > system
  > .. and was told the same thing. 
  > This occurred at two different manufacturers and one retailer, and at
  > one
  > of the manufacturers through two supervisory levels. They all sounded
  > so
  > alike that I remember feeling at the time perhaps I'd somehow warped
  > into
  > a pod people skiffy flick.
  > Donna.
  > Cybrarian, NiEstu
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