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Re: Win95 EULA (Was: Why hasn't anyone brought this up yet?)

  Kendall G. Clark wrote:
  > If enough of us would consistently do this, it might start to make a
  > difference. Not enough on its own, but we working on a CUMULATIVE case against
  > MS's dominance.
  This is an EXTREMELY important point, and it goes to the heart of the message.In
  the marketplace, battles are won with the bottom line.
  So here is a set of things we could all do
  1) Buy alternative products, i.e. linux, SCO, os2 ,BeOs, etc...
  2) Evangelize the fact that there are other choices which are in fact
       suitable for the business world (an important marketplace)
  3) Keep up the little things, don't use MS formats documents, use HTML or
      RTF etc...
  It took MS 20 years to get where they are now. DO NOT expect drastic changes
  in 12 mos, think of the long term. Once battle at a time
  > By the way, for anyone interested, I'll send a URL that lists Linux VARs. Btw,
  > you should note that these PCs use the same off-the-shelf commodity parts as
  > Dell and Micron and the other big cloners use (save for Compaq, which is a
  > nail in their coffin, imho). So you're not getting any less of a PC. And
  > you're voting with your $$ about what kind of OS options you want.
  Can you email this list to me
  > Best,
  >         Kendall Clark
  > --
  > Linux is free. Life is good.
  Paul Richardson