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Re: Win95 EULA (Was: Why hasn't anyone brought this up yet?)

  On Sun, 9 Nov 1997, Chip Richards wrote:
  >Not as happy, obviously, as I would have been if I could have purchased my
  >selected hardware with my selected software pre-installed, but we must start
  >somewhere, and we already do have some wiggle room.
  Since you're a Linux fan <!>, I'll mention this, though you doubtless already
  are aware of it.
  There are many vendors from whom you can buy a really nice PC with Linux
  pre-installed, and you won't have to go through the process of a W95 refund.
  There are other vendors who will pre-install OS/2 and, of course, there is
  always the Macintosh route.
  My point is that maybe for those of us who really oppose MS, one way to make
  that opposition felt is to by from vendors who support our choices. I recently
  spoke with a friend of mine who had occasion to purchase about $50,000 in PCs
  for another friend's company. They didn't want MS. Calls were made to Dell and
  Micron to ask about PCs with (1) Linux installed or (2) at least no MS OS
  installed.  They both said they couldn't help us with either (1) or (2). So I
  called a Linux vendor, they happily agreed to take the business.
  Of course, to make the point, my friend had to call both Dell and Micron back
  to give them a final chance at the deal. When they again refused, he let them
  know of his options and let them know he wouldn't give them any more of his
  If enough of us would consistently do this, it might start to make a
  difference. Not enough on its own, but we working on a CUMULATIVE case against
  MS's dominance.
  By the way, for anyone interested, I'll send a URL that lists Linux VARs. Btw,
  you should note that these PCs use the same off-the-shelf commodity parts as
  Dell and Micron and the other big cloners use (save for Compaq, which is a
  nail in their coffin, imho). So you're not getting any less of a PC. And
  you're voting with your $$ about what kind of OS options you want.
  	Kendall Clark
  Linux is free. Life is good.