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  On Sun, 9 Nov 1997, Mitch Stone wrote:
  >In reply to Charles Kelly, NT*Pro's message sent 11/9/97 6:07 AM:
  >>I'd feel more comfortable with people who are positive advocates for
  >>whatever their position is. Be an advocate for Sun, be an advocate for
  >>Linux, be an advocate for OS/2, be an advocate for Microsoft -- "whatever
  >>floats your boat." At least when you are an advocate for something you take
  >>time to really get to know it. This "I hate Microsoft" is fear driven from
  >>the unknown. I doubt if anyone on this list really knows much about
  >>Microsoft other that what they fear. I really feel that if they knew more
  >>about the company and their practices (not the imagined ones) that they
  >>would at least have a chance to see these issues in a more balanced light. 
  [snip of Mitch's excellent response]
  I agree with you wholeheartedly, but there is a sense in which the poster of
  the above words is exactly right.
  I'm sure he WOULD feel more comfortable if we would lay off the criticism of
  MS. After all, something might actually come of it, and MS might actually have
  to CHANGE some of their practices.
  What the poster needs to remember is that this list wasn't established for his
  comfort level, nor do we oppose MS for his comfort level. 
  We oppose MS because we won't be comfortable until the threat of one company
  dominating the computer/cable/internet/online commerce industries is over.
  Nice reply!
  	Kendall Clark