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Re: Moderately improved map of Microsoft tying evidence

  I'm on the AM-INFO list and have learned a lot from your posts. Two things:
  1. What about the fact that the anti-competitive universal pre-loading of MS
  operating systems has meant that vendors can sell, often w/out the consumer
  knowing the difference, brain-dead devices like Winmodems and Winprinters,
  which, even if the consumer comes at some point to break free from MS, don't
  work under many other OSs because they are considered non-standard. I guess it
  may not be against the law, but it sure does suck and it provides a strong
  incentive to prevent people from trying a new OS:  ``you mean I'll have to buy
  a new modem and printer...?''
  2. If you need help with Web site maintenance or development to organize all
  of your evidence, I volunteer to help you. I do all the HTML for my Linux
  users group (http://www.ntlug.org/). In fact, I'd be willing to help host the
  material if you need that too.
  	Kendall Clark
  Linux is free. Life is good.