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Re: Moderately improved map of Microsoft tying evidence

  Are you willing to do this work?  I would of course prefer a demo to an
  I think you can even justify this as of academic value to your university,
  especially since you view it as not being Microsoft specific.
  If there are any of you on the list who are willing to do the work of
  putting together a well-rehearsed demo of interface tying, I will be glad
  to bring you into court.
  Jordan Pollack wrote:
  > >    *  Font aliasing is sabotaged for Netscape by MS
  > Is that why my win3.1/navigator2 system is displaying some pages
  > in greek???
  I don't know details, I just record the allegations at this stage, sorry.
  I must find the email that had the name of the alleger as I think it will
  be useful to show the malicious nature of Microsoft's conduct.
  > Obviously there is a lot of research to be done at some cost.  I think
  > an organization needs to collect donations of old 286, 386, 486
  > machines and put old versions of software on them, to be able to
  > demonstrate in court, rather then throug affidavit, how the releases
  > of microsoft products both destroyed others markets and leveraged
  > consumers to upgrade.