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[Fwd: On-Line Real Estate Services]

  Recommendations for the future of real estate online from a recent
  client (no self promotion intended or requested.)  Rich paid for our
  services on an hourly fee, and saved about $10,000 by buying a "for sale
  by owner" property.  He will probably save nearly that much AGAIN when
  he decides to sell his old condo, which he is currently renting, by
  himself online.
  Bill Wendel (invited speaker)
  The Real Estate Cafe
  PS.  Still looking for comments to include in my presentation on the
  future of real estate online at conference on Thursday.  For a money
  saving, PRO-CONSUMER vision of the future of the industry see headline
  story today on Inman News, the leading online real estate news service:
  Your opinion, in this forum, or private e-mail to
  bwendel@realestatecafe.com would enrich this dialogue!

       Dear Bill, 
       Thanks so much for all your help during our house search. Veronica has 
       sent or will be sending $500 soon, followed by another such payment 
       within two weeks.
       What I would like to see in on-line services:
       o  Create a page where sellers can advertise a home for sale by owner
          relatively inexpensively. Data must of course be searchable by as
          many features and parameters as possible. 
       o  Eventually the page could allow video features where the owner
          sends in a video tour of the house. Ad fee would go up accordingly.
       o  If the page could also feature city maps linked to FSBO ads that
          would be super. A buyer would first look at location,location,
          location. They'd select their desired area,add, primary criteria,
          shade in area , click, and up would come listings
       o  Services must be secure so rip-off creeps are detected early and
       The sooner this service is provided and sooner it will be selected 
       over all other methods of home shopping. It can become THE way to find 
       a home because its so quick, inexpensive, direct and efficient. This 
       service should be coupled with the human-touch services and advise of 
       the REAL ESTATE CAFE, which will eventually become a national 
       franchise and primary shaping force in this the largest of all 
       consumer markets. We are in the information age and on-line shopping 
       and consumption of goods and services will soon(5-10years) encompass 
       most other types of shopping? Don't you think so?
       Veronica and I are planning to have you over to the new place sometime 
       the winter. Take care. 
       Best Regards.
       Rich McC