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  Matthew Benjamin <MBenjamin@comshare.com> wrote:
  > By late 1995, corporate IT managers were returning to their UNIX-hating
  > ways.  NT is the corporate web server platform of choice today, even
  > though UNIX has been the choice of professional web developers right up
  > to the present.
  This is also my perception. To get reasonable performance and flexibility
  my SW development group has it's own local Linux/x86 based file/web server.
  This is being done without support or blessing from our IT.
  Corporate wide the plan is to dump UNIX servers and get latched up with
  NT servers. The necessity of doing this is unclear to me. The process
  of changing ordinary people over from Win31/pcnfs to WinNT/SMB/Wins
  has been very costly and disruptive. The drive seems to have come
  from above. 
  IT? Isn't that the thing the Knights of Knee don't like to hear?
  So when did the term IT come into prominence? These are just
  the same old guys that were called MIS?
  Mark Hinds