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Re: Microsoft vs Justice Department

  David E. Y. Sarna wrote:
  > ObjectSoft Corporation
  > Continental Plaza III
  > 433 Hackensack Avenue, 2nd Fl.
  > Hackensack, NJ 07601
  > Main (201) 343-9100
  > Direct Line: 343-2670
  > Fax: (201) 343-0056
  > David E. Y. Sarna
  > Chairman
  > October 28, 1997
  > Mr. Ralph Nader
  > P. O. Box 193112
  > Washington, DC 20036
  > Dear Mr. Nader:
  > I read on the Internet about your plans for sponsoring a Conference
  > Appraising Microsoft and it Global Strategy.
  > Our Company, ObjectSoft Corporation, has greatly benefitted from
  > Microsoft's global strategy. We have experienced five-fold growth in
  > sales, have created thirty new jobs in New Jersey, and have successfully
  > completed an initial public offering, without any government subsidies
  > at all.
  <much deleted>
  Hummm, another company soon to be gobbled up by MS.  Haven't you
  heard...MS has written ONE program in its existance.  Everything else is a
  clone, bought out, or stolen from other companies.  If your products are
  so great (which I have no doubt), you'll soon be squashed, bought out, or
  stolen from based on MS's tradition.
  And that would be why we are all here.