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RE: Microsoft vs Justice Department

  ObjectSoft Corporation	
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  David E. Y. Sarna
  October 28, 1997
  Mr. Ralph Nader
  P. O. Box 193112
  Washington, DC 20036
  Dear Mr. Nader:
  I read on the Internet about your plans for sponsoring a Conference
  Appraising Microsoft and it Global Strategy.
  Our Company, ObjectSoft Corporation, has greatly benefitted from
  Microsoft's global strategy. We have experienced five-fold growth in
  sales, have created thirty new jobs in New Jersey, and have successfully
  completed an initial public offering, without any government subsidies
  at all.
  We build, own and operate interactive public access terminals based on
  Microsoft's tools and operating systems. Our growth has been possible,
  in no small measure, because Microsoft builds great tools that
  interoperate reliably and predictably with its operating systems,
  preinstalled in a predictable way on most off-the-shelf PCs. This has
  allowed a small company like ours to stand on tall shoulders and to
  compete successfully, as we recently did, against the likes of IBM and
  AT&T in a competition to install kiosks in New York City.
  Our innovative products, which help provide better government directly
  to the citizens, and at less cost, are only viable because of the low
  costs and high volumes that healthy competition in the computer industry
  engenders. Writing our software on top of Microsoft's, using their
  published specifications, objects and public interfaces, both speeded
  our development efforts and greatly reduced our costs.
  As you consider Microsoft's global strategy and its impact on the future
  of the computer industry and our society in your Conference, I am sure
  you will want to do all you can to continue the healthy growth of this
  industry, prevent barriers to entry as well as prevent barriers to the
  swift progress of the American software industry that is the envy of the
  world and which deliver benefits to everyone. 
  I have been privileged to be a part of the software industry for thirty
  years, during which time I have witnessed unimaginable progress. As an
  editor and columnist at Datamation Magazine, I have an excellent window
  on the industry, and I have observed that the pace of innovation has
  accelerated in the last few years, partly as the result of successful
  competition among companies like Sun, Netscape, and Microsoft which have
  brought on lower prices and have spurred development of better products.
  I would welcome an opportunity to speak about my experiences at your
  David E. Y. Sarna       davids@objectsoftcorp.com
  ObjectSoft Corp. (NASDAQ:OSFT)    http://www.objectsoftcorp.com
  433 Hackensack Ave., Hackensack, NJ 07601
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