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RE: Microsoft vs Justice Department

  ** Reply to note from David@ObjectSoftCorp.com Sun, 2 Nov 1997 11:03:03 -0500 (EST)
  > We build, own and operate interactive public access terminals based on Microsoft's tools
  > and operating systems. Our growth has been possible, in no small measure, because
  > Microsoft builds great tools that interoperate reliably and predictably with its operating
  > systems, preinstalled in a predictable way on most off-the-shelf PCs. This has allowed a
  > small company like ours to stand on tall shoulders and to compete successfully, as we
  > recently did, against the likes of IBM and AT&T in a competition to install kiosks in New
  > York City.
  ObjectSoft.  Didn't your company install a public internet access kiosk right here in my
  town's public library?  Yes it did.  Matter of fact, the Killingly Public library is one of
  my customers. Yes, it had Windows 95 and Internet Explorer on it.  Yes it came with state of
  the art hardware.  Yes, it did not work correctly, was never offered to the public and was
  removed one month after installation.
  BTW, that's Killingly, Connecticut.  AKA Danielson.
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